• Technical Soundness:
    SI considers itself a technically sound company and is capable of submitting its own elevation and all types of Interior & Exterior details with preliminary drawings as per the client’s and the architect’s requirements, right from the onset of the project.
    Type of Work Handled:

    1. Civil work dealing with turnkey projects.
    2. Wall panelling with ACP.
    3. Structural Glazing/semi unitized Glazing with all technical details and drawing.
    4. Aluminium Doors/ Windows and Partition jobs.
    5. Tensilefabric structures & modular structure using German febric.
    6. All type of canopy/Projection with MS or SS.
    7. Dome work with polycarbonate Sheet cladding.
    8. Wooden Panel Cladding.
    9. Dealing with all interior jobs.
    10. Dealing with STP plants with all drawing and technical support.

    Type of Projects Handled

      • Govt buildings
      • Commercial complexes
      • Multi storied buildings
      • College buildings & Educational Institutions
      • Spiritual centres
      • Medical
      • Hotels & Guest houses
      • Residential Buildings

  • We’re so glad that this project has been as rewarding for you as it has been for us. We are *thrilled* with what you’ve helped us to accomplish, and often find ourselves falling in love with the enhancements all over again (e.g. in the middle of making dinner, realizing for the umpteenth time that our new island is perfect for us, both in form and function). You have our most sincere thanks for your effort, creativity (especially with the budget), kindness, and attention throughout this process -- we’ll absolutely turn to you as new needs develop.
  • You are, as I tell everyone, the best. That you came up with such brilliant solutions as quickly and painlessly as you did continues to dazzle me-even as the solutions themselves elicit an ongoing chorus of oooh and ahhhs. Blessings on your singularly talented head, Susie. When I marry the benign version of Ted Turner, you will be on retainer, the better to render all our houses home-in the most beautiful sense of the word.
    Sradhajali Sahoo