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All our products which we bid to the clients like atrium covers, dome, amphitheatre, canopies are specially designed. The most widely used tensile fabric materials for these designs are PVC and PVDF which allows a greater degree of flexibility be in the case ofcost or handling or design. The PVDF and PVC top Coating gives the advantage of being both more economical to produce and to fabricate and also has a property of environmental resistance


Our operations span the full process, ensuring that the same high standard of work is maintained across the chain


we can then turn your ideas, sketches or thoughts into a visual concept that will fuse beauty with functionality . whether you want us to collaborate with third party arists, designers and architects, or simply work directly with you, Slook International structure can accomodate your needs.


Every custom tension structure must go through analysis but also the analysis is necessary to determine optimum member sizes for the steel and fabrics. Wether Slook International considers itself a technically sound company and is capable of submitting its own elevation and all types of Interior & Exterior details with preliminary drawings as per the client’s and the architect’s requirements, right from the onset of the project.

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A name synonymous with supreme quality, Slook International is a leading Interior & modern elevation organization, for a wide range of solutions. We believe in team work, commitment to superior quality of products, adoption of newer technologies, before time delivery of projects, value addition and ultimate client satisfaction. Founded in the year 2007, SI has come to be recognized as a leader in the field of Interior & Exterior work, structural glazing, partition work, polycarbonate sheet cladding, modernized MS & SS work. These include scope analysis to determine the best solution. A Dynamic talent pool with a vast experience and highly skilled workers comprise the life centre of SI. An ability to select the best performers for the required performance gives SI the edge over its competitors. Our ability to provide our clients with customized and timely fabrication solution at the most competitive prices has given SI reputation, second to none. Withstanding the test of time, grappling with the present times and geared up for the future, SI is indeed structured for high performance and stability.


We believe in delivering the services to our customers or clients, accurately and on time. Our team of professionals helps us in achieving this and we also believe in customer satisfaction which can be achieved by the quality of work delivered

WE BUILD (Future Generation Tensile Structure)

With Qualified And Dedicated Professionalson Board, Slook International Undertakes Turn-key Prohects Provides Innovative Sensible Design Solutions To Architects, Builders, Developers,infrastructure Planners And Individual Clients. At Slook International, We Striving To Understand Changing Customer/ Client Needs, And Enrich The Quality Of Life By Simply Making The Technology Ready To Use.


  • * Tensile or membrance structure can be used as a shelter for buildings, play grounds, Tropical Gardens, Parking spaces, and caferia’s
    * Structure fabrics totally differs, both from an aesthetic and functional point of view from any other conventional materiais
    * Tensile structure are unique by the combination of their specific physical and geometrical characteristics and can be besigned as permanent, item porary or ever portable structure
    * Tensile structure are not only light weight, elegant and translucent they are also durable and often very economical
    * The true beauty of the membrane lies in its superior ability to diffuse light All of these Characteristics give designers and arhitects an unequaled an almost unlimited aesthetics potenmtials
    * It brings open airy feeling of colours, corrected light indoor

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